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Without using Sketch or Photoshop templates

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How it Works

Pick an image and let Screely do the rest
No Sketch or Photoshop templates necessary!


Here's what Screely can do!


Choose between different mock-up windows. Put your screenshot in a browser window, plain window or no window for just a nice background


Screely automatically chooses a background color that suits your image. But you can also customize the background and choose your own color


When you are done customizing the generated image, click the download button to download your generated image in PNG format!

Product Roadmap

Coming soon...


  • Drag & Drop upload
  • Copy/Paste from Clipboard
  • Export from Sketch
  • Webbrowser Extension
  • Bulk File Upload
  • Support for GIFs


  • Transparent Background
  • Toggle Fake Window On/Off
  • Add Webbrowser Fake Window
  • Gradient Backgrounds
  • Pick Color from Screenshot
  • Crop screenshots
  • Adjust padding around image

Export & Download

  • Download as JPG
  • Download as SVG
  • Tweet Generated Image
  • Export to Dribbble
  • Export to Behance
  • Copy to Clipboard

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Why is Screely free?

Screely is free because it is currently still in beta and under development. The beta period is free to collect more feedback from users.

Will I need to pay for Screely in the future?

When the Beta ends, Screely will have paid plans that unlock extra features not available to free users. You can continue using Screely for free with limitations.

When are you adding ...?

I try to add features as fast as possible but I am a solo developer working nights and weekends besides my regular job. Please keep this in mind.

How do I report a bug or request a feature?

You can use the chat on the bottom right, send me a tweet at Screely on Twitter or send me an email at