Screely instantly turns your screenshot or design into a beautiful image you can share anywhere.
No Photoshop or Sketch templates necessary!

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How it Works

You upload a screenshot or design of something that you have been working on.
We'll add a fake window, shadows and a background to make it look nice.
That's it! No Photoshop or Sketch templates necessary.

Fake Window: Download Change Image

Product Roadmap


  • Drag & Drop upload
  • Copy/Paste from Clipboard
  • Webbrowser Extension
  • Bulk File Upload
  • Support for GIFs
  • Remote URL Support


  • Transparent Background
  • Toggle Fake Window On/Off
  • Add Webbrowser Fake Window
  • Gradient Backgrounds
  • Pick Color from Screenshot
  • Custom Image Background
  • Image Background via Unsplash
  • Crop screenshots
  • Adjust padding around image


  • Download as JPG
  • Compress PNG for smaller file size
  • Tweet Generated Image
  • Export to Dribbble
  • Export to Behance

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